How to Repurpose Your Instagram Reel for Maximum Reach

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When it comes to social media marketing it is important to ensure that you are releasing quality content that is both enjoyable and informative. Instagram Reels offer content creators with the perfect opportunity to add value to their following with post-worthy clips that can be used in compelling and creative ways.

Why You Should Repurpose Your Reels

Reels can be used as promotional pieces, such as, for your products or services, or simply shared in order to acquire more followers. Repurposing your Instagram Reels gives content creators the ability to gain more traction on their content as it is being shared across multiple social media platforms.

Re-purposing your content can help you build a larger following on different platforms while also providing you with exposure introduced by platforms, such as, Instagram’s algorithm. When your content is seen by more followers, not only are you able to engage a larger and more diverse audience, but increase the chances of gaining potential customers, followers or even brand collaborations.

Step-by-Step Guide to Reusing Your Instagram Reels

Repurposing your Instagram Reels begins with taking a look at the kinds of content you intend to re-use. Remember, the re-purposed content should be in the same category, with the same kind of messaging and overall style.

  1. Choose the Platforms You Want to Share On

The first step is to decide which platforms you would like to repurpose your Reels on. Depending on the nature of your content, Instagram’s automated repurposing function allows Reels to be repurposed to Facebook, Twitter and more.

  1. Utilizing Your Reels With Hashtags

Make sure the Reel is complemented with powerful hashtags that can still represent and reach a larger audience. As is normal with Instagram posts, choose relevant hashtags that fit the content and ensure that people are searching for.

  1. Encourage Reels Caption Shares

Encourage followers to engage with the Reel by promoting the sharing of its caption to gain followers, likes or comments.

Keep in mind that captions should be short and sweet while concisely explaining the Reel’s content.

  1. Transfer from IGTV to YouTube

If your Reel is of high-quality content and can be extended further, why not give it a go? Repurpose your Reel on different platforms, such as, YouTube, and then share it on each platform. This will allow for more exposure and, eventually, more followers.


Repurposing your Instagram Reel is an effective strategy that allows you to reach a diverse range of topics and styles that can be different from each other. Therefore, it is important to understand what type of content works best for you, while also identifying what categories you would like to explore.

When repurposing a Reel, it is important to remember to add hashtags and encourage followers to share the caption for more traction. The end goal should always be gaining more followers, likes and comments and being able to engage a larger and more diverse audience.

By following the tips outlined in this article, you can make sure you reap the benefits of maximising your reach on Instagram and other platforms in tandem.

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