How to Use the Maximum Number of Hashtags on Instagram for Maximum Reach

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Hashtags are a powerful tool on Instagram for connecting a post to many other users that share an interest in the same topics as you. But with the continued growth of Instagram, the number of hashtags allowed per post became limited. Even though users are limited to a certain number of hashtags per post, this doesn't mean there is no way to maximize the difficult character count.

Why Are Hashtags Necessary?

Hashtags are necessary when using Instagram because they are used to connect content to it's relevant topics and associates. For example, using the hashtag #coffee could allow all coffee related posts to be accessible in one convenient place. This is why many Instagram users use hashtags; to help engaged in topics that are important and relevant to them.

Maximum Number of Hashtags on Instagram

With the updating of their algorithms, Instagram has decreased the number of hashtags that are publicly visible in a single post from 30 to 25. This transition has surely caused some confusion, and has raised the question of how to maximize these difficult character count. Here are 4 tips to help you use as many hashtags as possible to maximize your posts reach, while keeping hashtags visible on your post.

Steps for Raising Post Reach with The Maximum Number of Hashtags

First Step

The very first step is to locate the most relevant, tailored hashtags and themes for the post. To start this process, make a list of phrases or words that are relatable to the post. Which ever phrase is unique and the most tailored is the one that should be used.

Second Step

The second step is to include these hashtags in the comments section of the post. Once the hashtags are listed in the comment section, you will have more room to fit the hashtags into the caption, allowing more hashtags to be seen on the post.

Third Step

The third step is to create blocks of hashtags that are more condensed, making more space for the hashtags and allowing the content of the caption to still be seen. The block of hashtags should be grouped based on common words in the hashtags to make for stronger positive associations between the post and the hashtags.

Fourth Step

The fourth and final step is to optimize the hashtags by using the search bar. Use the Instagram search bar to optimize your hashtags which will help further maximize the reach of your posts. To do this create a list of hashtags within your hashtag blocks, then plug it into the search bar and check which hashtags are the most used. This will show you which hashtags are the most popular and should be used for the post.


Following these 4 steps above will help you use the maximum number of hashtags allowed on Instagram. By combing through hashtags that are most relevant to the post, placing them in the comments section followed by of hashtags blocks that focus on similar topics, and finally optimizing the hashtags using the search bar will all help you achieve the best outcome when it comes to tagging your post.

Doing this diligently and persistently will help you maximize the reach of your post and help strengthen positive connections between your post and the associated topics and tags.

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