How to Repurpose Video for Instagram: A Guide

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In today's digital age, social media has become an essential tool for businesses to reach new customers, spread brand awareness, and engage with existing ones. For brands, having an active social media presence is paramount for success. As users now rely on multiple channels to stay informed, strategic content adaptation initiatives help businesses reach broader audiences.

Franly, one of the most effective and time-saving tactics is video repurposing for Instagram. Video content is becoming increasingly important for digital marketers today. Instagram, in particular, gives brands an opportunity to leverage video content for maximum engagement and reach. This article explores the best practices of repurposing video content for Instagram to help maximize the effectiveness of your content strategy.

Why Repurpose Video Content for Instagram?

Video is a powerful medium for storytelling and connecting with your audience. When videos are repurposed, they can be used differently for other platforms, including Instagram. This tactic is an ideal way to save time and maximize resources. By leveraging existing video assets, businesses can capitalize on the effort and budget invested in producing the original video.

Here are five benefits to repurposing videos for Instagram:

  1. Save time: By repurposing videos, you can quickly and easily create content for Instagram from existing videos.

  2. Reach broader audiences: Repurposing existing video content helps you reach different audiences on multiple social media channels.

  3. Increase engagement: Repurposing videos can help you reach more people and boost your views and engagement.

  4. Boost ROI: By repurposing video content, you can boost the return on investment of the original video.

  5. Create more video content: Repurposing videos can help you create more content without the hassle and expense of creating completely new videos.

How To Repurpose Video For Instagram

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of repurposing video content, you are ready to make the most of the tactics. Here are some tips on how to repurpose videos for Instagram:

  1. Cut your videos into short clips: To maximize the potential of your video, edit it into shorter clips for Instagram. Short-form videos are best for the platform because users scroll quickly and may not watch the video in full.

  2. Repurpose videos into different types of content: Think of ways to repurpose your video content for other types of posts such as quotes, carousels, notes, stories, and GIFs.

  3. Use existing footage: Scour your existing video library for videos that could easily be repurposed for Instagram.

  4. Utilize different angles: If you have longer videos, consider framing them differently for Instagram. For example, you could repurpose the same footage into several shorter pieces.

  5. Repurpose videos with a timeline: Strategically repurpose videos with a timeline in mind. This will help you determine which video content to use when in order to achieve the best possible results.

Tips For Repurposing Videos On Instagram

Now that you know how to repurpose videos for Instagram, here are some tips to help you get the most out of the tactic:

  1. Batch the editing: Instead of editing each clip individually, consider batch editing clips to save time and energy.

  2. Repurpose videos for multiple channels: With video repurposing, you can repurpose your original video multiple times for different platforms.

  3. Leverage the power of storytelling: Focus on creating compelling stories when repurposing videos. This will help capture your viewers’ attention and keep them engaged.

  4. Keep videos concise and entertaining: To keep your viewers engaged, make sure your videos are concise and entertaining.

  5. Use captions and subtitles: Captions and subtitles can increase viewer engagement by improving accessibility and making it easier to understand the videos.


Repurposing video content for Instagram is a great way to maximize the impact of your content. By following the best practices outlined in this article, you can make the most of your videos and increase engagement and reach. Video content is becoming increasingly important, and repurposing it for multiple platforms is an effective and time-saving tactic to help you get the most out of your content.

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