How to Repurpose Instagram Reels in 2023

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Why Repurpose Your Instagram Reels?

All Instagram reels are consumed through a recommendation algorithm. Matter of fact, most social content nowadays is consumed through a recommendation network. 70% of Youtube’s views are through the recommended videos you see when you open the YouTube app. 90% of the content that is consumed on TikTok is through a recommendation algorithm.

You’re not searching for the content, they are presenting the content to you!

Since that’s the case, you want to be on all of the platforms in order for your content to do well. You don’t know which algorithms are going to recommend your reels, so post it on all of them and see where it does best.

Maximize Content Output

How to Get Started?

There are two ways to repurpose your content:

  • Repurpose your content manually.

  • Repurpose your content automatically.

To repurpose your content manually you must be careful of watermarks that are on some platforms. For example, if you were to export a video from TikTok that watermark will still be on the video. A video with a watermark will rank less than that without.

To repurpose your content automatically use a tool like Disperse. It will remove the watermark, and repurpose that video to all social platforms.

Top Channels to Repurpose Instagram Reels

The best channels to repurpose Instagram are the following:


TikTok is an amazing platform to repurpose your content because they created short-form content. Without them, short-form content wouldn't be as big. Moreover, their entire playbook is about short-form content. That is the only type of video they support.

YouTube Shorts

Another amazing platform to repurpose your Instagram reels is YouTube shorts. The recommendation algorithm is top tier. Moreover, a billion users use the platform every day, it’s in your best interest to try and reach them.

Facebook Reels

Facebook is great for a certain demographic. Usually, those that are under the age of 16 are not on Facebook so targeting them on this platform will be hard. Targeting those over 28 years old, Facebook is an amazing avenue.


Similar to Facebook, Pinterest is great for repurposing to a certain demographic. Most of the users on Pinterest are women between the ages of 18 to 34. If your Reels target such a demographic, then Pinterest is an amazing destination.


You should repurpose your Instagram Reels to other social platforms if you want to increase your engagement. You can do this automatically with a tool like Disperse or manually by posting on each individual platform.

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