Short-Form Content Craze (Tiktok Videos)

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Be One With the Niche

Find out who is doing it best in your niche. Think about the following things:

  • How long are their videos?

  • What strategies do they use to keep the audience hooked?

  • What kind of video category are they doing? Are they asking the users questions? Are the unboxing products?

  • How are the engagements of their viewers?

  • Are they in tune with trends?

Plan Out Your Video

Now that you understand how the content looks and how it works in your certain niche, sit and plan out the videos you want to post. Look at the videos that went viral from your competitors. More than likely they are the ones that the audience enjoys the most.

come up with creative ideas on how you can integrate the information you learned from competitors into your videos. detail a plan on how you can take advantage of competitor strong areas.

The Video

Film and upload the content to your Disperse media dashboard. Using one of our integrations, the process will be as streamlined as possible.

Work On The Visuals Of The Video

Be creative in how you present the video to the public. Here is where Disperse shines, through the Disperse media workspace you will be able to quickly build a masterpiece of a short video that engages the audience on your content. Use the tools that are provided to you by Disperse.

Posting The Video

After you are done with the Disperse media workspace, send the video to the respective social tabs. There you can optimize the video with the right tags and background music for production. Once that is done, you can instantly post the video to your page or schedule it to be posted at the best performing time, indicated by the Disperse analytics.

After The Post

Always be in touch with your analytics in the Disperse dashboard. You will understand what your customers want and the videos they like to video.

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