The Best Hashtags for Likes and Comments

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That perfect Instagram post deserves maximum recognition, and the right hashtags are the key to getting the attention of the right audience. Whether you want to give a shoutout for a brand or just show off your outfit, here are some of the best hashtags for likes and comments.

Go Popular with #Love

The classic #Love hashtag has been around since its original use by Justin Timberlake in a 2006 tweet. It's still one of the most popular hashtags to this day, with 33.3 million Instagram posts tagged with it throughout the course of 2019. Posting an inspirational quote or an aesthetically-pleasing image with #Love will definitely get some attention.

Make it Trendy with #TBT

Short for Throwback Thursday, #TBT combines nostalgia with modernity. Instagram users idealize the past with pictures of special memories or throwback styles, so use it to your advantage. Take this opportunity to repost old memories with a caption about who or what inspired you then and how it influences you today.

Reach Out with #Regram

When you want to give props to someone else's content, #Regram is the hashtag for you. It has been used in 104 million posts in 2019 alone so it’s a great way to get people sharing & reposting your content. When you give credit to the original author, tagging their account and using #Regram increases your reach and spreads your influence.

Show Off with #OOTD

If you want to show off your outfit of the day, #OOTD is the hashtag for you. It's become so large that more and more influencers are utilizing the tag for their content. Use this hashtag to get creative with your posts and inspire others with your style.

Look Professional with #InstaGood

#InstaGood is a must-have hashtag for professional photos. Use this hashtag when you want to showcase your best work and attract the attention of potential employers, new business partners, and even clients. Keep your profile clean and organized with this hashtag to attract maximum attention.

Increase Exposure with #FollowMe

This hashtag can seem annoying but it’s one of the best ways to increase the size of your following. Post visually pleasing pictures or videos and don’t forget to include a caption that lets your followers now what you're about. Use the #FollowMe hashtag to increase exposure to your profile.

Reach Even Further with Popular Tags

Popular hashtags have immense followings of their own and can be a great way to get more followers and promote your content. Popular tags vary based on country, region, trends, etc. so do your research to identify the prominent hashtag in your area and use them to your advantage. Some popular hashtags include #InstaLike, #InstaFollow, #IGDaily, and #StyleBlogger.

Using hashtags is a great way to get your posts seen by people outside your immediate circle. With the right hashtags, you’ll have an organic way to increase likes and comments on your Instagram posts. Remember to research the popular tags in your area and use the ones mentioned above to maximize the attention you can get for your content. Good luck and have fun hashtagging!

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